Alojz Peterle MEP supports homeopathy

The first European Congress for Homeopathy was held in Vienna on 17-19 November 2016, celebrating 200 years of homeopathy in Central Europe.

The Congress was jointly organised by the European Committee for Homeopathy (ECH), the European Federation of Homeopathic Patients’ Associations (EFHPA) and the International Association for Veterinary Homeopathy (IAVH).

Mr Alojz Peterle MEP, who has been a stalwart supporter of homeopathy, was not able to attend in person but he made the following video message for the occasion.

25 years European Committee for Homeopathy

The European Committee for Homeopathy, ECH, celebrated its 25th birthday last year.
The ECH was founded in 1990. The reason for its foundation was the need for European societies of homeopathic physicians to cooperate and coordinate efforts in representation of their interests. Also, they wanted to promote a favourable view of homeopathy at a European level. The first president of the newly founded ECH was Belgian Jacques Imberechts. He was followed by a Dutchman, Ton Nicolai. Today, Austrian Thomas Peinbauer is president. EFHPA is a subcommittee of the ECH. Other sub-committees are Politics, Research, Documentation, Education, Provings and Pharmacy.

In the past 25 years, a list of homeopathic libraries and documentation centres in Europe has been published. This list is constantly being updated and available on the ECH website. Also a list with titles of theses and dissertations about homeopathy has been produced. Up to now 632 dissertations can be found on the website.

Since 2014 a uniform global standard for homeopathic drug provings has been achieved, the global harmonised ECH-LMHI Proving Guidelines and in the field of education, a standard of ECH teaching has been put into practice.

The patients’ subcommittee, European Federation of Homeopathic Patients; Associations (EFHPA), has been working hard for equal availability of homeopathic treatment and medicines for all EU citizens. EFHPA continues to raise awareness of the benefits of homeopathy with EU politicians. EFHPA has been lobbying for the harmonisation of EU directives pertinent to homeopathic medicines throughout Europe.

Because of the festive character of the 25th anniversary of ECH, members had a meeting November 2015, in the beautiful historic city of Bruges, Belgium. Also especially for the occasion a richly illustrated book was published: Homeopathy in Europe – United in diversity. Paving the way for Medical Homeopathy. Editor Dr. Thomas Peinbauer. There is a large chapter about EFHPA.
At the meeting a Swiss doctor in homeopathy, Klaus von Ammon spoke to the guests.
“There are 50.000 doctors in homeopathy in Europe. Each serves 100 patients on average. This means power.” He stimulated the listeners in the hall to activate patients’ organisations, or create such an organisation. “This is very important “, he stated. ,,Make your cases count. For example in documentation. Make them available for research.”