Links & Abbreviations

Under “Links” you will find the names of organisations which are important for patient associations.

Click on the abbreviation of name of the organisation required and a hyperlink will open their website – please note, these are external links and EFHPA takes no responsibility for their content.

EFHPA European Federation of Homeopathic Patients’ Associations

Members of EFHPA

AEPH Asociacion Espanola de Pacientes de Homeopatia

(Spanish Patients’ Association for  Homeopathy)

AHP France Association Homeo Patients, France

(Association of patients using homeopathy)

AIO Associazione Italiana Omeopatica – Roma, Italia

(Italian Homeopathic Association – Rome, Italy)

APO Associazione Pazienti Omeopatici (Napoli, Italia)

(Homeopathic Patients’ Association – Naples, Italy)

BHA British Homeopathic Association
BPH Bundesverband Patiënten für Homöopathie

(Federation of Homeopathic Patients’ Association)

EEOI ???????? ??? ????? ??? ????????? ??????????????

(Society of the Friends of Classical Homeopath)

EGO ???????? ?????????? ??????????????

(Hellenic Secretariat of Homeopathy)

FriendsBG Friends of Homeopathic Society Bulgaria
FHI Félag áhugafólks um hómópatíu á Íslandi

(Association of patients interested in homeopathy, Iceland)

HAHNEMANNIA Hahnemannia: Deutscher Verband für Homöopathie und Lebenspflege e.V.

(Association for Homeopathic Patient Groups in Germany)

Homöopathie hilft! Verein Initiative “Homöopathie hilft!”

(Association Initiative “Homeopathy helps!)

Homöopathie Schweiz Homöopathie Schweiz

(Swiss Patients‘ Association for Homeopathy)

KVHN Koninklijke Vereniging Homeopathie Nederland

(Royal Dutch Homeopathic Association)

MHOE Magyar Homeopata Orvosi Egyesület

(Hungarian Homeopathic Medical Association)

NHPF Norsk Homøopatisk Pasientforening

(Norwegian Homeopathic Patient’s Association)

Pro Homeopathia Pro Homeopathia

(Belgian Association of Patients for Homeopathy)

Homeopathic & Other Health Organisations

CAM Complementary and Alternative medicine
DG SANCO Directorate General for Health and Consumers(EU officials united in their dedication to making Europe’s citizens healthier, safer and more confident)
ECCH European Central Council of Homeopaths
ECH European Committee of Homeopathy
ECHAMP European Coalition on Homeopathic and Anthroposophic Medicinal Products
EFPAM European Federation of Patients’ Associations for Anthroposophic Medicine
EPHA European Public Health Alliance
European Patients’ Forum
Friends, RLHIM Friends of the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine
HRI Homeopathy Research Institute
HWC Homeopathy World Community
IWDH Internationale Woche der Homöopathie
NHS National Health Service (in UK)
WHAW World Homeopathy Awareness Week
WHO World Health Organization
WHAO World Homeopathy Awareness Organization