Pro Homeopathia – PH

Belgian Association of Patients for Homeopathy

Registered office:
de Oude Lindesquare, 2/27
1050 Brussels

Postal address:
Azalealaan 17,
2531 Vremde

Tel: +32 3 454 5192
Contact: Bieke Verbruggen – Secretary

Date Established: 1972

Board Members:
Eric Buelens                  President
Catherine Starquit         Vice President
Bieke Verbruggen          Secretary
Dirk Vermeiren               Treasurer
Jacques L. Hirsch         Legal Adviser & Honorary President
Chris Blanckaert           Newsletter
Jean Boumans
Dirck Van Leuven

Aims & Objectives:

  • Providing information about homeopathy and being a witness of its value;
  • Defending and promoting the use of homeopathy to public authorities;
  • Organising lectures about the use of homeopathy;
  • Representing the voice of homeopathic patients.

Brief Description / Activities:

“Pro Homeopathia” is a non-profit association founded by a group of patients who had received homeopathic treatment. Some of them had experienced difficult health situations to which conventional medicine had proven ineffective.

  • Publication of a bulletin three issues a year.
  • Organising lectures and seminars;