Association Homéo Patients ~ France (AHP)

Association of patients using homeopathy
Centre Socio Culturel d’Endoume,
285 rue d’Endoume
F-13007 Marseille

Postal Address :
Madame Jeanne Ricard
Les Charmilles de la Torse
1 bis av. du Val St. André
13100 Aix en Provence
Contact Name and Position: Mrs Jean Ricard – President:
Date Established: 1998
Board Members:

Jeanne Ricard – President
Anne Didier – Vice-President
Cynthia Coniam – Treasurer
Jeanne Ricord – Secretary

Aims & Objectives:

  • To keep members informed about the status of homeopathy in France
  • Keep members informed of actions in the field of homeopathy at European level.

Brief Description / Activities:

AHP France was founded as the Association Homéopathie en Provence. In July 2009 the name was changed to Association Homéo Patients France (AHP France).


L’Association pour la Promotion de la Médecine Homéopathique – APMHAPMH - France
Association for the Promotion of Homeopathic Medicine

13 chemin de Montauban
69005 Lyon

Tel: +33 6 89 28 33 20


Date Established:  1991

Board of directors
President – Isabelle Rossi
Treasurer – Marie-Christine Nedelec
Charles Rossi
Danielle Capdeville
Caroline Garnier
Josette Horvilleur
Michèle Pedro-Rodrigues

Aims & Objectives:

  • INFORM about benefits of using homeopathy: efficiency, innocuousness and lower costs.
  • GATHER people interested in the use and development of homeopathy.
  • MONITOR government actions and proposals. For instance, work against reduction of the wide range of medicines currently available and any proposals to change reimbursements.
  • DEFEND and PROMOTE homeopathy.
  • PARTICIPATE in homeopathy research; supporting Homéopathes Sans Frontière”.

Brief Description / Activities:

The Association for Promotion of Homeopathic Medicine (APMH) is a National Association founded on May 30th, 1991. It aims at defending and promoting homeopathic medicine through various communication channels including press, TV and conferences. Its mission includes public information and monitoring of public health actions or measures taken in relation to homeopathy.

The APMH publishes a quarterly newsletter which is personally sent to every member. It contains feature articles written by homeopaths (physicians, pharmacists, veterinary, dentists…) as well as news and letters to the editor.