There are two patients’ associations in Greece who are members of EFHPA


Hellenic Secretariat of Homeopathy

20 Dragumi street
71528, Athens
Tel: +0030 2107249920

Contact:  Eleni Banasiu –

Date Established: 2005

Aims & Objectives:

  • The contributing to the spread of homeopathy.
  • The enlightenment of public opinion on: its value as a therapeutic system; its importance in the pursuit of good of health and the importance of supply to ailing humanity
  • The recognition of homeopathy by the state.
  • To establish links between its members and the spiritual, cultural and social development.
  • The dialogue with the competent institutions for the use of homeopathy by the state for the benefit of society.

Brief Description / Activities:

  • Development of any educational, cultural and recreational activity
  • Conducting seminars, lectures, discussions and any other relevant activity.
  • Printed publications, films, creation and operation of the library.
  • Publications, announcements, partnerships with the media.
  • Collaboration with scientific, spiritual organizations or organizations with other associations or clubs with links to general insurers and any analogous Greek organization, foreign or international.
  • To study all the issues, reporting and monitoring legislative or other measures affecting the purposes and interests of the secretariat, reporting and statements and to send representatives to the Greek Parliament and other authorities, in relation to the above.
  • attracting donations, fund raising, lotteries, concerts, exhibitions, publications, radio, events, and website.

Society of the Friends of Classical Homeopathy

Perikleous 1
F-15122 Athens

Brief Description / Activities:

  • We correspond with our members 4 times per year informing them about our activities and requesting for their participation.
  • Co-organize and participate in the big annual meeting of all the interested parties who are practicing classical homeopathy as it gives the opportunity to further and deeper understanding between doctors and patients.
  • We organize afternoon events to inform the participants about classical homeopathy and give them the opportunity to have direct dialog on diseases, therapies, medicine, effects etc with homeopathic doctors and pharmacists.
  • We actively participate, in news reports on radio and television, on discussions for homeopathy and alternative medicine and campaign to promote the benefits of homeopathy.
  • We organize exhibitions and workshops for disseminating of Homeopathy to the general public.
  • We produced and distributed “The Declaration of Homeopathy in Greece”, “The History of Homeopathy in Europe and Greece” as well as the booklet “Forty Years of Homeopathic Medicine”, which can be download from our website (in Greek only).
  • We keep our own “page” in the journal “The Homeo News” which is published every three months.