Magyar Homeopata Orvosi Egyesület – MHOE

Hungarian Homeopathic Medical Association ~ Patients’ Group

1113  Budapest
Bocskai  út  77-79

Tel: (36-1) 225-3897

Contact:  Dr.Gabriella Kovacs (leader of the patient-users section) –

Date Established: 1991

Board Members:

Dr.Eszter Jónás
Dr.Edit Katona
Dr. Péter Sal
Dr.Ágnes Heiczman
Dr.Árpád Mátray
Dr.János Tóth
Dr.Marian Tóth

Aims & Objectives:

The main goal of our Association is to spread the world about homeopathy and the homeopathic remedies by practicing and teaching at a high-level.

We would like to develop a new independent website for the user’s group to provide information about homeopathy.

Brief Description:

  • The Hungarian Homeopathic Patients Group has regular four-week long courses for patients three hours weekly in Budapest. The lectures are held by the members of the Hungarian Homeopathic Association.
  • There are several patients clubs (cc.20-30 person) around Budapest, with independent program on various homeopathic subjects. We regularly participate in Health Conference and programs, we appear on television and on various forms of media ( radio, websites etc.).
  • Organising the second homeopathy day in Hungary
  • Regular newsletter  for friends of homeopathy