Name of Association: Félag áhugafólks um hómópatíu á Íslandi or FHI
Association of patients interested in homeopathy
Pósthólf 79
IS 602 Akureyri

Country: Iceland

Date: 16 November 2012


Recent activities of association
With the support of EFHPA, we are taking the initial steps towards achieving our goals. Our first introductory project in 2010 involved the presentation of the Travelling Hahnemann’s Exhibition in the main hall of the local library in Akureyri, which meant that all library visitors were able to enjoy the exhibition and appreciated the extremely kind help and cooperation of the library staff. We believe that this pioneering effort will stand us in good stead and serve as a practical stepping stone to our second project now in view.
Local situation for homeopathy
The situation facing homeopathy locally is such that people need encouragement in order to realize that conventional medicine is not necessarily the solution to maintaining a healthy way of life.  It requires determination to abandon the hitherto prevalent approach of reliance on pharmacological products, universally promoted in the media as holding the key to health and well being. This is singularly difficult our insular society where conventional medicine features prominently within our national health service and has thus thwarted attempts to promote homeopathy on a nationwide scale.
Local Challenges and Actions
Situated a stone’s throw from the centre of town, we are directly across the street from the Icelandair Hotel, which is the finest establishment of its kind locally. In this central location that we have, we plan to encourage and provide open and easy access and discussion, to information about the current goals and activities of EFHPA  in the lively European forum, where our health is a constant subject of discussion and controversy between promoters of homeopathy, ”a system of medicine that helps the body to heal itself”, and those who opt for conventional medicine, with its increasingly alarming variety of pharmaceutical wonder products for  actual and imaginary ailments that threaten mankind today.
Plans for 2011-12
We have a large selection of books on homeopathy, in French and English, and plan to open up a Homeopathic Welcome Centre next year for all those interested in joining this new association in Iceland. as well as a website to provide a variety of information about homeopathy.



Please contact us if you would like further information or to become involved.