Norsk Homøopatisk Pasientforening (NHPF)

Norwegian Homeopathic Patient’s Association

Postboks 412,
7404 Trondheim,

Tel: (0047) 483 69 219

Contact person: Hilde Moldestad

Date Established: 1951

Board Members: There are 5 Board Members.
Chairman: Hilde Moldestad
Vice-chairman: Rannveig Vada
Editor: Reidun de Clive-Lowe
Bjørg Løkra
Mai Kristin Onsoien
Jan Evenhus

General Manager: Astrid Svelmoe

Aims & Objectives:

  • To disseminate information about homeopathy in Norway
  • To contribute to the increased understanding of Homeopathy
  • To contribute to increasing the use of homeopathy
  • To contribute to scientific and public acceptance of homeopathy
  • To contribute to secure that patients receive safe and reasonable homeopathic treatment.

Brief Description / Activities:

The NHPF is a consumer organisation devoted to homeopathy and represents the views of patients in Norway. It provides information about homeopathy to the public, health professionals, media and government.

The NHPF publishes a quarterly journal, Homøopatisk Tidsskrift and contributes articles about homeopathy to newspapers and other publications.