Asociación Española de personas sanas con Homeopatía – AEPSH

(Formerly known as Asociación Española de Pacientes de Homeopatía – AEPH)

Association of Spanish Homeopathic Patients

Eloy Gonzalo, 5
2010 Madrid

Tel: 0034 – 915344337
Email:  &

Contact: Peter Schmidt-Bubath – President –

Date Established: 2010

Board Members: There are 3 Board Members

Aims & Objectives:

  • Represent and defend the rights of current and future patients of homeopathy.
  • Disseminate information about homeopathy and its benefits to the public in Spain
  • Achieve full recognition and inclusion of homeopathy in the Spanish health system
  • Work towards choice of therapy by patient and doctor.

Brief Description:

The AEPSH is based on four fundamental principles:

  1. Economic Independence: The AEPSH will work exclusively with their associated fees, private donations and sales of own products.
  2. Open to all patients and supporters of homeopathy, without exception.
  3. Inclusive of the different currents, homeopathic doctrines and thoughts. We are patient of Homeopathy together and the AEPSH not spare anyone, we need everyone.
  4. Our relationship with the current health system is based on the theme: Conventional Medicine and Homeopathy, naturally together.