Homöopathie Schweiz

Homeopathy Switzerland

Postgasse 15
Postfach 817
3000 Bern 8
Website: www.homoeopathie-schweiz.org
E-Mail: info@homoeopathie-schweiz.org

International contact: Fabienne Gigandet, info@homoeopathie-gigandet.ch

Board members:
Willy Bernhard, President
Yvonne Gilli, Vice president
Nathalie Wenger, Treasurer
Johanna Guggisberg, Editor of the members’ journal “AKTUELL”
Marianne Glauser, Secretariat
Eveline Fuchs, Homeopath

Stefan Jakob, CEO
Alix Zala, Administration
Fabienne Gigandet, International contact


Aims & Objectives:

      • Advocating the rights of patients who use homeopathy
      • Involvement in political processes
      • Raising awareness of classical homeopathy and increasing knowledge about it especially through publication of a newsletter “AKTUELL” with articles for a non-expert audience, by regularly updating the website and informing about lectures and publications in the field of homeopathy
      • National diploma for homeopaths to achieve and maintain high quality of treatment
      • Safeguarding of proven remedies

Brief Description:

Homöopathie Schweiz is the only patient organisation for classical homeopathy in Switzerland, working for high quality homeopathic treatment and safeguarding the availability of proven remedies.

Current Activities:

A secretariat answers members’ questions, sends lists of homeopaths on request and distributes the Association’s publications. It provides;

      • Information about courses and seminars
      • Networking: EFHPA, ECH, World Homeopathy Awareness Week” in April (WHAW)
      • Publications: Journal for members “AKTUELL” and e-newsletter: Introductory brochure on homeopathy in German or French for users, Handbook to the homeopathic home kit in German and French, Repertory for users, focusing on the 28 remedies of the Homeopathy Switzerland home kit

POLITICS: Successful referendum

Switzerland has embedded CAM into its constitution – and from 2012 it will also be included in basic compulsory health insurance (again).

On 17 May 2009 the Swiss people voted in favour of a constitutional article for complementary medicine in a national vote. 67% of voters supported this. Switzerland is the first country in Europe to set out in their constitution, authority for the state and constituent states (cantons) to take complementary medicine into consideration within the public health service.

On this constitutional basis, parliament and the authorities have to implement the following requirements:

    1. Admission of doctors of complementary medicine in the fields of anthroposophic medicine, homeopathy, neural therapy, herbal medicine (phytotherapy) and Traditional Chinese Medicine into the compulsory basic health insurance system.
    2. Creation of national diplomas for CAM therapists without a full medical education.
    3. Integration of complementary medicine into teaching and research.
    4. Safeguarding of proven remedies.